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Find out more about the EPiC MiNDs Programme


EPiC classes are about making learning fun!

Every EPiC class comes from a series of courses targeting broad areas of learning such as:

Concentration Planning Reasoning
Deduction Taking turns Sharing
Practicing diplomacy Developing patience Perserverance
Focus attention Understanding sportsmanship Dealing with winning and losing
Categorizing Evaluating logic Problem Solving
Asking Questions Developing vocabulary  


Classes also help children by linking to the formal education discplines of Maths, Reading, History and Sciences.

They follow a guided format using a variety of strategic games involving at least two or more participants/groups involving competitive and cooperative games. 

While the broad class structure remains constant, a fertile learning environment is established through which EPiC class allow and encourage students to explore, analyse and discuss concepts and strategies undertaken or developed during and post game playing activities. 

Real emphasis is placed on creating a learning environment in which students discover and enhance their own thinking through the game playing concepts and strategies developed during the game. This is extended further through a formal process of reflective discussion and transfer into other aspects of life.

All students participate in open ended inquiry based on the concepts and strategies discovered, through their game playing experiences.

The inquiry will often develop into areas of focus relevant to the group of students and will depend on their age, experiences, the environment in which they live or go to school, to work, play, contribute, or their position within their family, whanau, or community they relate to.

Since all classes involve learning activities, game playing, stories, and EPiC challenges, they appeal to Visual, Auditory, Tactile and Kineasthetic learners.